About Veterans For Healing

Veterans for Healing is an organization created and run by Canadian Veterans whose purpose is to assist other Veterans, their families and caregivers. Here at Veterans for Healing, we support research and develop social programs and innovative treatments that are vital for Veterans coping with PTSD and rehabilitation.

Any Veteran diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injuries or physical injuries who is transitioning from military to civilian life can count on our volunteers and support systems to ease this difficult transition. Our ongoing programs include art therapy, music therapy and yoga for Veterans and their families. We also provide peer support groups for Veterans and collaborate with other Veteran owned organizations to provide social events for Veterans’ spouses and children in need of creative outlets and respite from overly stressed family situations.

Compared to the national statistics on Canadian PTSD Veterans, those Veterans involved with Veterans for Healing programs have significantly lower rates of divorce and separation, substance and/or alcohol abuse which in turn decreases the long-term financial strains placed on our tax system.

Unfortunately, at Veterans For Healing we feel the Canadian Government has fallen short of providing successful long-term programs for our Veterans. In response to this, Veterans For Healing provides programs that give Veterans the coping tools they need to once again become functioning members of society.

We invite you to look through the variety of programs run by Veterans For Healing and donate to whichever initiative(s) that strike a chord with you. Please remember, that no matter how big or small, every contribution matters and is greatly appreciated. For more information on donor tiers and corporate sponsorship opportunities, click here


Art Therapy

“Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.”

Every week at either The Art Hatchery in Fredericton or the VFH Wellness Cente in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Veterans, Spouses and Kids are invited to come and take on a blank canvas. At each session, an art therapist is present to help participants express whatever is on their hearts and minds. Technique is secondary, but those wishing to improve their artistic skills have expert guidance on hand in the form of trained artists and therapists. There are no limits or restrictions. The sole objective of Art Therapy is to unleash the healing, restorative power of the almighty brush.

Help us take this program to the next level and go nationwide to all VFH Wellness Centres and their communities by clicking on the Donate button. For more information on donorship tiers and rewards for both individuals and businesses, click here

Music Therapy

What happens when you put a group of Veterans in a room with percussion, strings and keyboards along with exposure to all kinds of musical genres and rhythms? The answer is a powerful expression of emotion that only music can elicit. From learning lyrics for the purpose of memory improvement for Veterans whose cognitive skills have been damaged in service, to improvised jam sessions that release a stream of consciousness vital for healing PTSD, music therapy is essential to stripping away fears and opening up an honest, primal but definitely not primitive means of breaking down emotional barriers.

If you believe that music has a place in the psychological and physical recovery process of wounded Veterans and their families, then aid us in bringing this to Veterans across Canada with our plan to expand the music therapy program to VFH Wellness Centres across Canada. Your donation will be used for the purchase of instruments and onboard music therapists trained in PTSD counselling. For more information on donor tiers and rewards for both individuals and businesses, click here.

Moksha Yoga Classes

The calming effects of yoga therapy on both mind and body have been proven time and again in recent years. Here at Veterans For Healing, we’ve seen the benefits firsthand as the consistent practice of yoga in a warm space releases endorphins and aids in the development of mindful living in the present moment. Currently, Veterans For Healing is able to offer free Moksha yoga classes in 3 of its 12 locations, but our plan is to expand this invaluable offering to all VFH Wellness Centres and increase the number of classes from once a week to three times a week.

Are you a believer in yoga and its power to heal? If so, then please help us in accessing as many Veterans and spouses across Canada to this ancient, life giving practice by clicking on the Donate button below. For more information on donor tiers and rewards for both individuals and businesses, click here.

Egypt Falls Retreat

One of our larger current projects underway is the completion of our Veterans retreat in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Funding at this point is required to have the waterfall on the property accessible to physically challenged Veterans and or their family members. This holistic retreat centre will eventually provide a natural healing environment focusing on nutrition, horticulture, art and music. The land has been purchased and blueprints have been drawn up, but we need your help to turn this into the finished retreat that will be free and available to Veterans nationwide.

Become a part of the unique Egypt Falls Retreat project by donating what you can. For more information on donor tiers and rewards for both individuals and businesses, click here.

Vimy Ridge Project

Veterans For Healing sponsors Canadian Veterans and their caregivers to attend the Centenary commemorations of Canada’s First World War victory at Vimy Ridge in April 2017. Help us to support the Veterans who will be there to represent the memory of those who have given us our freedom we enjoy today.

Help send a Veteran to Vimy Ridge and honour the memory of the 61,000 Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in WWI and another 172,000 who came home wounded. For more information on donor tiers and rewards for both individuals and businesses, click here.

Helping Homeless Veterans

Veterans For Healing donates both time and money to local Food Banks where often we find ourselves coming across homeless Veterans who are on the street due to mental health and/or substance abuse issues frequently related to PTSD or other mental health issues. This is a real and pressing issue as the most recent statistics collected in 2015 by Employment and Social Development Canada state there are 2,250 homeless Veterans in Canada.

Your donation will go directly to local food banks from coast to coast as well as to in-house financial aid initiatives for homeless Veterans. Through our vast network of Veterans, we can locate homeless Veterans and offer them tailored treatment and financial support programs. For more information on donor tiers and rewards for both individuals and businesses, click here.

Corporate Donation

Whether you are a small or large business, Veterans For Healing welcomes the opportunity to work with Corporate Donors in promoting awareness of our causes and initiatives. In addition to the Corporate Sponsorship opportunities listed below, we are happy to discuss any specific requests for promotion. Please feel free to enquire about tailormade sponsorship packages by sending your enquiry to information@veteransforhealing.org


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No matter how great or small, your donation matters and is much appreciated by all of us at Veterans For Healing. Should you require a Tax Receipt on any donation, please email info@veteransforhealing.org and we will send it to you immediately.

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